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12 September 2019 @ 11:07 pm

I don't know why you're here reading this but just so you know this livejournal account is dedicated to my sheer (crazy, silly, fanatic) love for Arashi. So, if you don't have any idea of what Arashi is, then I guess you're just kinda lost. (^^.')

Anyway, if you do know Arashi, welcome! welcome! ┖(♡´∀`♡) ┚

First of all, this livejournal is simply what it is, a live journal. So basically it contains all of my random thoughts and flailings on Arashi. If you're looking for stuff to watch, listen, download, etc., I'm sorry but you are not gonna find anything here. Inasmuch as I want to share stuff like that to the Arashi fandom, I have very, very, very limited resources, so I got nothing. There are, on the other hand, a gazillion communities and accounts around overflowing with Arashi stuff, so go join there instead.

This is just a collection of my thoughts, no more, no less.

Despite this, I would really appreciate it if you want me to add me as your friend. I don't know why you would add me, but if ever you do, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

...and if you wanna read the start of my long, incoherent, fangirl rants...click here (but really, don't. because this is one hell of a shitty piece of writing, it'll just give you migraine like how Limewire give your computer AIDS)

Edit: 2017.01.11
Reaaally. Don't click that. It was written almost 10 years ago and man, that is one hell of a shittt, cringy, skin-crawling fangirl rant. I just did and really, eew. I am just keeping that post for sentimental purposes --being my first post and all.

01 January 2019 @ 03:48 pm
the highlight of my new year's eve

with bonus reheated pizza slice on a candlestick


Okay, so... I was scrolling through my tumblr dash and I came across this photo...

My initial reaction was: "haha... look at Ohno, so silly..."
then: "but why does this photo look familiar?"

and then it hit me...

***seriously, I reacted exactly like this.
I had to find the perfect gif


I just fucking lost it, man.
I started crying.

Happy fucking 5x20 Arashi.
I have a feeling I'mma be bawling my eyes out and unleashing an ocean of tears when the 5x20 tour DVD comes out.

*tumblr post, btw came from yuuyu1964, thanks a lot!

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I've been knee-deep in shitty reality that I could barely keep up with my fangirling.

Scratch that, not knee-deep... it's more like neck-deep actually.

Real life sucks, man. The only thing that barely keeps me alive is Arashi.

Yes. That sounds totally ridiculous, I know. And I ain't got no time and enough vocabulary to explain shit but these 5 guys are the very very very very verrrrry few reasons why I barely keep hanging on.

But recently, thanks to work, I had so little time to tend to my fangirling. I only learned last Wednesday (it's Sunday today) that Arashi had released a new single (Natsu Hayate). *gasp!* I actually shrieked when I found out.

A few weeks ago, I was able to find time to watch the 'Untitled' Tour DVD. I was screaming inside as 'Green Light' plays. I was in a fucking glass case of emotion and by the time 'Song for You' plays I was bawling my eyes out.

Speaking of 'Song for You', that is totes my tumor song for the Untitled album. If you don't know what the fuck a tumor song is... it's what I've been calling songs that I first didn't like but then kinda grew on me -- yes, like a tumor! Get it? I got that by the way from the movie, 'Daddy's Home' and now I digress.

Back to Arashi...

So, the magic is still here. Yassssssss.

I see that a lot of them awesome lj communities continue to sub and share Arashi videos (a million thanks, btw -- I say as if there's really someone who bothers reading this shit). I've downloaded a few, but alas, they stay untouched in my hard drive. So many videos, so little time.

I'm listening to: Matsuko Mawatari - Daydream Generation
I love reading the comments... They're so interesting :D
Saw a locally dubbed Gokusen and fell in love with Shin Sawada and his damn badass hair. Googled Jun Matsumoto and found out he's 1/5 of a Japanese boyband and laughed my ass off because the photo they used on their wikipedia page (long gone now, obviously) was ridiculously corny.

Coincidentally, I was in an anything-Japanese-obsession phase at that time, 2006-2007-ish but mostly on anime, so I thought I'd give that Japanese boyband songs a try and just randomly downloaded any song from them. I also gave their PVs a try on youtube (back when they're everywhere and not removed by shitty copyright, boo~) because what the heck, if I can handle TM Revolution's "Heart of Sword" video then surely I can take whatever this boyband and their multicolored jackets and bleached hair have to offer.

So, onto youtube I go....saw Tomadoi Nagara PV... saw Ohno Satoshi and THAT IDIOT STOLE MY HEART. Who's laughing now?
I've been an Arashi fan since then.

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10 November 2017 @ 03:05 pm
There's a new album. [untitled]
TBH, there's not a single song that stood out to me. Or maybe I wasn't much in a good mood when I first listened to it and I am still preoccupied with my love for the 'Are You Happy' album.

But there is one song that caught my attention... that ridiculously long ass song whose title I can't remember nor be bothered to find at this moment. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT SONG ANYWAY?

Okay, so "WHAT THE HELL" is basically my reaction for the whole album, starting with that ridiculously weird carrier single with an equally meh video... uhmm......'mikan'! Yes, took me quite a while to remember the title.

Sorry, if I'm spewing vitriol all around. I'm having a shitty day.

On the other hand, another single's been released because at this point in time, them boys are just song-spewing-inhumans. I was basically confused when people are posting news one of their new releases one after the other. Like. what. the. hell. do they not sleep?

I'm not complaining tho. Keep the songs coming. Please. Don't stop.
I'm not being sarcastic. Really.
I'm listening to: Arashi - To my homies
01 June 2017 @ 11:38 pm
I was scrolling through tumblr and I was wondering why my dash is flooded with arashi clips/gifs I haven't seen before... documentaries, rehearsals...

Then it dawned on me.


And oh my god I just made the most inhuman noise. Like. all. these. emotions. I wanna cryyyyyyy~

I reeeeeally wanna grab a free-because-cheap-ass-me copy because some angel uploaded the raw online... but OHHHH! I have to get to work early tomorrow!!!
i already sold my soul to this devil even tho he ain't buyin'
01 May 2017 @ 09:05 pm

Okay, but am I even allowed to post this? Like... I'm not breaking any privacy rules or something right? But it's my dashboard?

Oh tumblr, how I love thee~
So basically, tumblr is my number one to go to when I need to satisfy my basic Arashi needs. Livejournal is the place to be when I am having MAJOR Arashi craving.

I just realized 2017 is my 10th year of being an Arashi fan. Huuuu~ I can't believe it. TEN YEARS. It's like a freaking milestone or something. Should I celebrate? This is the longest time I've been obsessed a fan of something.

Technically, it's around August-September-ish when I became an official fan -- and no, not official as in member-of-fan-club-official but more of a that's-it-i-am-obsessed-over-these-guys-it's-official-i-love-them kinda official. By the time Happiness was released (and a quick peek at Wikipedia tells me it's September 2007) I was sorta into them and by the release of their next single, Step and Go in February 2008, I was already a gushing mess over them lovely dorks.

I used to binge watch everything Arashi (Thank you, Arashi communities on LiveJournal.) But then as time goes on and I have to keep up with this stupid boring Real Life™ that I had no choice but to kinda lie low on fangirling, because I have to somehow trick real life into thinking it's my priority, but sshh it's really Arashi. XD

So I had to you know..miss out on the guys.

And I'm glad I'm not alone. See photo above,

Thankfully there's tumblr, so once in a while I still get a few updates on Arashi. In the end, I kinda like it this way. It's like I've been away for quite some time that when I see a video clip, show, photo, whatever, I have this kyaaaa~!!!-oh-my-god-high-pitched-inner-squeal™.

Just like this morning I watched an episode of AnS where Gackt made them do those silly workout with dropping medicine balls onto their stomach and I was squealing at the way Ohno said, nobasu? nobasu? because he's cute as fuck.

plus the scream that followed kinda woke the sadist in me

I've digressed.
Bottomline is, I love Arashi. I may never be as active, but I'll never stop being a fan.
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08 January 2017 @ 11:06 pm

In times that I want to quit, I keep reminding myself of the times Ohno wanted to quit Johnny's and yet he's still there, better than ever. Maybe I should push harder... or at least try to live and see how things would turn out day by day.

I know there's a lot of but's in this --uh... logic? train of thought?... but can I just please feel a bit of hope and optimism even for like, a minute? Thank you.
08 January 2017 @ 09:47 pm

I feel you, Rachel.
Everytime this comes up on my tumblr dash, I can only think of one person.
Call it infatuation...obsession...crush...love...delusion... whatever but there is something about seeing Ohno that makes me wanna cry. Case in point: I just finished watching an episode of 'Meringe no Kimochi' and just seeing him talking about stuff that aren't really new e.g. the number of times he wanted to quit Johnny's which ironically led to him debuting in Arashi, his art exhibits, how her mom still buys him clothes, etc. but I suddenly found myself crying. Why???

Like, honestly, he doesn't even look that spectacular in this episode either

But I love that! I love seeing him like this unlike those airbrushed flawless things on magazines. I love (and intrigued) at that scar on his cheek... I love those imperfections on his face.

Then we got to this part:

So, he was asked to give the audience a glimpse of his private life and this is what he recorded. Why??? He's a fucking enigma. And this part I actually started tearing up. Again, WHY??? I have no fucking clue. Any psychologists, psychiatrists out there are free to put in their two cents.

Why does seeing this guy make me cry?
I love him. He's so pretty I wanna cry!
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29 August 2016 @ 01:55 pm
when you watch a concert dvd and having no one to flail with.
28 August 2016 @ 06:15 pm
I just finished watching the Japonism 2015 Tour DVD.

I am disappointed.

I had such high hopes for the concert after being blown away by The Digitialian 2014 Tour DVD.

And this! I was so mesmerized by this when I saw this on 少年倶楽部Works×Japonism because I'm such a sucker for turns and all that shit.

Y'all can't see because of the crappy quality of the gif but Ohno's twirl was just flawless.

But come the DVD, right at this exact moment they decided to zoom the camera 1000000000x away from the stage. Like fuck this.

And speaking of 'fuck this', at some point in the show, around FUNKY and Bolero! their wardrobe definitely screams fuck this.

The dissonance is distracting. Or maybe that's the theme of this wardrobe set.

Now, I am not really much of a fashion guru, but I really don't get the theme of their wardrobe here. It's like they're in a hurry to change clothes that they just put on whatever they could grab from the rack. Though they shouldn't be because this is just after Aiba's solo so they have all the time in the world to wear like a 10-piece suit.

Oh wait, well they did look like they've worn 10 layers of clothes at least... and scraps.

And I have a feeling that Sho's already worn that ensemble in another concert.

Aiba's was just... I don't know.

But that's all right because Bolero! was fucking lit! I don't really like that song in the album, but whoa a live version is a different story.

And Nino's voice at [道が続いていたって] was just awesome. They should have done that in the album version. Too bad Ohno wasn't there because he's busy preparing for his solo which was awesome btw.

Before I knew it the DVD was done and I was like, ehh?? That's it? This concert was lacking something I can't point out what.

Are they going to release a DVD for the Japonism show in Arena? They should to make up for those lacking things or whatever. Plus they have I seek and looks like they've revamped Masquerade.

Oh well, who am I to complain. I didn't even buy tickets nor the fucking DVD itself. Fucking leecher.
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14 August 2016 @ 10:23 am
And so it's official: SMAP has is going to disband on New Year's Eve.
What a way to mark the end of an era.
I'm not really that much of a fan of SMAP, but I do love a few of their songs here and there and I still feel saddened about this news.

Aren't they like the epitome of Japanese boyband or something?
It all just shows that eventually everything would come to an end.

What about Arashi??? O god, I know that someday this fate would befall on them too, but I can't imagine... OOOOOOOOOOHHHH


No offense to fans (but I doubt they read my shits, so...), but I actually thought KAT-TUN would go first. I mean, half of their group already left. The remaining members are lucky their names still have the available letters to push through with the KAT-TUN acronym.

Wait, why am I talking about KAT-TUN?
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11 August 2016 @ 10:03 pm
My tumblr dash is currently being flooded of Japonism photos, videos, gifs and piece of spoiler that you can think of.
I'm not really complaining because WHO THE FUCK COMPLAINS ABOUT ARASHI, ANYWAY?

This guy obviously.

Hell, if that's torture, I'm ready to stab that guy and be locked in jail just so I can have that Arashi psychological torture he's yapping about.

But I digress.

I just feel conflicted because while I am so happy and excited for the Japonism Live Tour DVD, I don't wanna see any spoilers because I want that OMG LOOK WOW I'M SCREAMING feeling I had when I saw first Asterisk in the opening of The Digitalian DVD. It was. just. so. amazing. I fucking cried. Seriously.

And I've been seeing a lot of amazing stuff in the Japonism spoilers. I try not to look at them, but urrrrrrgghghghgh~

You see?
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